Oscar Habeenzu | The Digital Maestro
Saturday, 13 August 2022

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Oscar Habeenzu | The Digital Maestro

Oscar Habeenzu, the Digital Maestro, is an African polymath in a Digital Age, with working experience in multiple African markets, since 1999. An MBA, and more, he is a Google Certified Digital Marketer, with practical expertise in Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Sage Meta, and other digital and internet global giants' applications for data analytics and digital marketing.

Oscar Habeenzu has done Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Data Analytics for global brands and franchises such as Ted Baker, Unilever, UNESCO, Ford Models, VW, MAN Trucks, and Bloomberg.

In 2021, the Digital Maestro managed the digital marketing of several business units for the Money Group, with operations in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, UAE Dubai, and Hong Kong, that included Forex World, Cash Center, Emperor Finance, Cannfarm and Emperor Tobacco.

He currently writes books, consults, and travels for business and coffee in Africa.

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